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"It is not possible to know everything. The one just have to do his business well!"

Our Solutions


As professionals in Oracle DBA and related technologies we offer the following services: consulting, maintenance and support. But, in case Your company already have reliable IT team - it is still possible to help them do their good work even better. The key moments are team-working and good reliable and effective tools.

We offer ready solutions, that were developed by our company. As well as time proven tools that Oracle DBA use for a long time and can setup it for Your Information System too. We call it Solutions - because it solve problems and help to provide the service well. Some should be ordered and some are free for private or business use.


Cominder SpaceStat - is set of scripts to collect and report information about space used in your databases (file systems and storage planned in the future)
Free version was anounced at OUG Harmony 2012 conference.

New version (ver.0.55) of SpaceStat is available!!

Download SpaceStat (ver.0.55). README.txt. Release Notes. Changelog.txt.

Download SpaceStat (ver.0.54). README.txt. Release Notes.

Download SpaceStat (ver.0.53). README.txt. Release Notes.

Download presentation "Space Control - how to stop loosing space and time, and become living." (EN, ver:3.01).

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Monitoring is mandatory element of pro-active systems management, for both: IT infrastructure and Business.

There are 3 options how we can help to setup monitoring for your information system:

  • Develop Monitoring Strategy, Plan and implement basic and develop custom tests for monitoring system You already use and trust.
  • Install and Setup for your targets the Oracle Grid Control also known as Enterprise Manager. All benefits are described at Oracle Enterprise Manager web page
  • Install and Setup for your targets freeware tools XyMon and/or Cacti, which we like and used in many projects.

    XyMon - is light (from resources usage aspect), powerful, reliable and free monitoring tool. Many DBA, sysadmins and other experts use it many years. It can monitor your networks, servers, databases, business events and even weather.
    More details can be found ar XyMon project site.

    Cacti - is free framework to collect and represent in graphical way any statistics you can obtain with scripts. It is very useful for historical trends analysis and detecting anomalies. More information at Cacti project site.

We have good experience with mentioned tools and can setup them for your information system monitoring and critical events tracking.

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