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Monitoring - customisation and maintenance

Monitoring is mandatory element of pro-active systems management for both: IT infrastructure and Business.
IT-department and business without monitoring are "blind" like a mole and works only on "feelings".

For stable work one need accurate and timely information about events.

There are several options, how we can help you to setup or configure a monitoring for your information system:

  • Develop Monitoring Strategy, Plan and implement basic metrics checks as well as develop custom checks for monitoring system You already use and trust.
  • Install and configure monitoring of your target objects using Oracle Grid Control, which from previous versions is also known as Enterprise Manager. All the benefits details can be found at the official Oracle Enterprise Manager page.
  • Install and configure monitoring using free of charge solutions Zabbix, XyMon and/or Cacti, which are used in many projects around the world.

Zabbix - is one of the most popular source code software for monitoring. Zabbix has been developed in Latvia, and is used by many companies and organizations around the world, who chose it for its simplicity, high resiliency, scalability and reliability combined with low costs for maintenance. Details can be found at Zabbix website.

XyMon - is light (from resources usage aspect), powerful, reliable and free monitoring tool. Many DBA, sysadmins and other experts are using it many years. It can monitor your networks, servers, databases, business events and even temperature and weather.
Details can be found at XyMon website.

Cacti - is freeware framework to collect and represent in graphical way any statistics you can obtain with scripts, SNMP or DevMon. It is very useful for historical trends analysis and anomalies detection.
For more informtion check Cacti project website.

We have rich experience with mentioned tools and have own developed toolset for automation. We can setup them for your information system monitoring and critical events tracking.

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